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    Platter silencers
    Custom stand
    Additional armboard

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    Functionality, superb engineering and innovation

    It is a singular experience to acquire an Invictus. Visionary art of engineering meets progressive technology. Only the finest materials are used in crafting it by hand. Invictus captivates users with a unique combination of opulence, finesse, dynamic and quality.

    A product with a personal touch. Discover something that is so unbelievable at first glance: exceptional, rare, and truly individual. The Invictus is your turntable.

    The Invictus turntable has been in development for three years. It is the result of intensive research and development by the manufacturers at Acoustic Signature.

    This incomparable turntable has been assembled with a total of 479 individual, hand-constructed parts. Up to four tone arms can be added in its construction; the Invictus can be fitted with approximately every tone arm thereby enabling a never before existent flexibility and at the same time fulfilling the highest demands in musicality, rendition and aesthetics.

    The base for the Invictus consists of an elaborately shaped lower section optimized in terms of stiffness and low vibration according to the latest knowledge in mechanics and application of finite element methods. A perfectly shaped cover panel is placed over this with the actual Invictus chassis resting on top of it.

    The turntable

    The turntable itself is a three dimensional work of art that is capable of perfectly supporting up to four tone arms simultaneously. Soft contours, sloping and round surfaces are arranged here in a never before existent artistic synthesis. Even so, the shape is successful for the function and is not an end in itself.

    The 3-tiered aluminum and brass sandwich platter is likewise completely new. It is manufactured to fit precisely in combination with a high damping work. With their vibration absorption, the 54 silencer inserts provide for the last grain of fine tuning the result: a perfect platter. High damping with high rotation energy. Soundwise, it is very progressive.

    Our Tidorfolon bearing allows anyone with an eye for the extraordinary to instantly recognize how this hand-tuned slide bearing has been perfectly formed to guide the platter with approximately no clearance and likewise no friction or sound. Our Tidorfolon bearing is valued and admired by fans and experts all over the world for its precision and its legendary reliability. It is always manufactured with great love for detail and precision in accordance with the best fine mechanical tradition.

    Drive System

    The drive system is a very important component for a superior turntable. We have started completely afresh here. The development was influenced by our 20 years of experience. The result is a silencer platter positioned above a cone-shaped sub-platter propelled by a 6-motor drive system. The 6 motors create enormous power for speedy running of the platter. The round assembly surrounding the bearing prevents any pull so that it can be perfectly centered.

    We have performed very extensive developmental work for the silent run technology in the digital motor controller. In the end, the result compensated for all the hard work. Digital electronics constantly measure the motors and adjust all motors for minimal vibration and the greatest smooth running. Fully automatic and always exact. The result is a drive motor system which you can touch without sensing if the motor is running or not. Satisfactory enough to find its use in Invictus.

    The result

    The sum of new developments in connection with 20 years of experience in turntable construction has produced a turntable in Invictus which we consider a statement in turntable construction. The Invictus is worthy of comparison to considerably more expensive products. Every single one of my 15 co-workers has brought their best to Invictus.

    Together with our distributor I will personally install each Invictus turntable in your homes. We had a lot of fun and amazing experiences in listening during our developmental phase, and with personalized installation we would like to ensure that your Invictus plays perfectly in your own rooms.

    Technical Data

    Construction Aluminium, brass Sandwich
    Speed change 33 and 45 rpm, 78 as option
    Motor drive 6 motor drive DSP controller
    Bearing TIDORFOLON Bearing
    Platter Sandwich Silencer platter 345 mm
    Weight Turntable 143 kg
    Stand 168 kg
    311 kg total
    Dimensions (W/D/H in mm) approx. 800 x 730 x 1210 with stand
    approx. 800 x 730 x 350 turntable only
    Color Aluminium
    Manufacturers guarantee 10 years


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