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BENZ MICRO Switzerland has an enviable history in phono cartridge manufacturing for over 30 years. It was one of the leading diamond stylus suppliers in the 1970s, selling diamond needles to phono cartridge manufacturers of virtually every type and style. BENZ Swiss engineers used this comparative advantage to master the art of moving coil design and to develop a wide range of world-class moving coil cartridges that surpass their best competitors. BENZ hand-made cartridges are produced in a range of output levels to optimally operate with an end-user's phono preamp. The cartridges are of medium weight and compliance, thus enabling excellent performance to be achieved in a wide range of turntable and tonearm systems. With a BENZ MICRO phono cartridge you can enjoy cost effective trade-in services for the rest of your life. Experience the superior sound and joy of owning a BENZ MICRO moving coil phono cartridge.
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