Acoustic Signature Typhoon NEO Unboxing

Acoustic Signature Typhoon NEO Unboxing

Another great video from the team at Acoustic Signature. This time it's the Typhoon NEO Turntable with TA-5000 NEO Tonearm and MCX4 Cartridge.

This video introduces you to the features of Acoustic Signature’s Typhoon NEO turntable. It is a high mass turntable handmade in Germany with 15 years warranty (with registration). The Typhoon NEO is prepared for 3 tonearms and equipped with the second-highest expansion stages of Acoustic Signatures newest drive system and chassis technologies.

The high-end turntable has 3 integrated, completely insulated AC-motors and is shipped with the external digital motor controller DMC-20 with super stable multi-voltage power supply and innovative AVC technology level 2 (Automatic Vibration Control). It features the ultraprecise, extremely rigid and robust DTD® bearing with diamond-coated spindle and the exclusive silencer technology with 24 silencer modules for the reduction of platter vibration.

The massive aluminium chassis with CLD technology (Constraint Layer Damping) leads to a significantly improved resonance behaviour and is available in different finishes. The sub platter is driven by an RPM-regulated double belt drive with speed fine adjustment. The Typhoon NEO rests on a 3-point setup with special gel-damped feet and provides a flexible placeable control panel.

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