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Graham Audio Release 10th Anniversary Models......

Graham Audio Release 10th Anniversary Models......

Graham Audio have announced a very limited run of specially engineered LS3/5A, LS6 and LS5/9.

All models have all been upgraded by guru Derek Hughes.

The upgrades include WBT - 730.01 terminals, Van Den Hul cabling and redesigned crossovers with upgraded components.

The cabinets will all be Eucalyptus with black baffles, and we will only use this veneer for this special edition.

For all 3 models, the increased stiffness of the higher density front baffle results in a reduction of vibrations produced by the drive units being transmitted to the rest of the cabinet, and results in lower resonances in the cabinet walls, making the internal panel damping more effective. Minimising cabinet resonances enables the speaker to better recover low level musical information.

All models will now have HF switches on the front panels, apart from the LS3/5a which will be on the rear panel. This allows for fine tuning the cabinet to the appropriate room.

All will come with a certificate of authentication, and they will be delivered in bespoke ten-year anniversary cartons.

More details : here