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    Product Information

    With modern amplifiers expected to cater for so many new source devices, the Phono capability, once very common, is one of those built-in features that has disappeared in recent times. The engineering team at Creek Audio has always loved the benefits of vinyl records and continues to work on technical and sonic improvements to its range of Phono amp options, be it the stand-alone OBH or Wyndsor or plug-in Sequel types. Tasked with designing a replacement for the long running OBH-15, the team came up with some valuable improvements and additional features; surprisingly they made them all fit into the original OBH-sized casework.

    The OBH-15 mk2 has a completely new circuit design, with a discrete transistor MC and integrated circuit MM stage. Unlike its predecessor, the new amp has multiple gain settings and matching capabilities for capacitance and resistance. The signal required by most modern amplifiers is described as being ‘LINE’ level which is, in technical terms, between 200 and 500 milli-Volts sensitivity with a flat frequency response. Unless your amplifier has a specific ‘Phono’ or Disc input, the level will be too low to play vinyl and the frequency response will be wrong.


    THD+NOISE AT 2VRMSMM (40dB gain) @ 1kHz = 0.002%
    OUTPUTMM (40dB gain) @ 10kHz = 0.003%
    MM (50dB gain) @ 1kHz = 0.007%
    MM (50dB gain) @ 10kHz = 0.007%
    MC (60dB gain) @ 1kHz = 0.005%
    MC (60dB gain) @ 10kHz = 0.005%
    MC (70dB gain) @ 1kHz = 0.011%
    MC (70dB gain) @ 10kHz = 0.012%
    CHANNEL SEPARATIONMM (all gains) 1kHz = >70dB
    MC (all gains) 1kHz = >70dB
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE0.5Hz – 100kHz (+/-0.5dB)
    SNRMM (40/50dB gain) = 76/66dB
    MC (60/70dB gain) = 77/70dB
    OVERLOAD MARGINMM (all gains)
    21.7dB@50Hz – 21.7dB@1kHz – 21.7dB@20kHz
    MC (all gains)
    20.7dB@50Hz – 20.7dB@1kHz – 20.7dB@20kHz
    OUTPUT LEVEL6.1V rms Maximum
    GAINMM = 40dB/50dB
    MC = 60dB/70dB/80dB
    MATCHINGMM = 100pF or 200pF plus 47k Ohms
    MC = 100pF or 1100pF plus 100 Ohms or 510 Ohms
    SIZE95 x 60 x 180mm WxHxD
    WEIGHT1.0 kgs inc OBH-Uni power adapter
    MAINS VOLTAGES100V to 250V AC 50/60Hz
    MAINS CONNECTIONA clip-on plug is supplied for UK, North America and Europe
    FINISH COLOURSBlack or Silver Front Panel

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