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The Vertex AQ mains leads, named Roraima, are usually the first Vertex leads that you will put into your system. We recommend that you study the systematic approach to understand how the Roraima mains leads should be used in a system context. In essence, the Roraima should be the first leads because often mains faults are not only intrusive in obvious sound quality terms, but they also limit system transparency, masking potential improvements in other parts of the system.

Positioning, Routing and Length
You will have seen that physically the Vertex mains leads are different to conventional leads, because of the large boxes on them. So you have to consider much more carefully the positioning and routing issues. And when deciding what length you may require, take account of the need to position the heavy acoustic absorption module in an appropriate position, probably on the floor. This typically adds 0.5m to your requirement.

The Basic Function of the Leads

They are designed to carry out the following functions:
  1. To provide low impedance connections for live, neutral and ground to effectively deliver power and reduce ‘standing’ Radio Frequency noise.
  2. To reduce the levels of structural vibration within the cable and the components to which it is connected.
  3. To lower RFI levels within the mains supply and ground returns (‘plus’ and HiRez versions)
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