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    Product Information

    The phono is used to reinforce minimum voltages that are emitted from the pick-up system and also for the linearization of the corresponding signals on the record.

    Internally, the MINIRIA consists of two separate identical Mono precursors with two stages of amplification and an active and passive RIAA equalisation.

    The input sensitivity of the amplifier stages can be adapted in an area of + 32 dB to + 64 dB, to compensate for the volume differences of the various pickup systems.

    The phono output drivers connect to the preamplifier . The low output impedance of 50 ohms and the maximum current of up to 35 mA rms this driver stages allows on the one hand a correct cable adjustment and on the other hand the use of sometimes unavoidable long connection cables between the phono and the preamplifier, without compromising the music signal through the cable.

    All parts of the electronics of the MINIRIA are DC-coupled, it is possible to transmit also the lowest frequencies. This means it can transmit a signal without distortion and phase-fixed in the lower frequency range. Noise and crosstalk are perceptible only to the limit of the measuring.

    Technical Specifications

    Frequency response 10 Hz... 20 kHz (+-0, 2dB)
    Total harmonic distortion < 0.005%
    Noise ratio > 99 dBA to > 76 dBA relative to 2 V rms rated output voltage depending on the gain
    Crosstalk attenuation > 103 dB in relation to 2 V rms rated output voltage
    Each input impedance 50 ohm... 680 ohm 10 Ohm steps and 47 kOhm
    Input capacitance per input 100 pF... 600 pF in 50 pF steps
    Gain + 34dB... + 66dB at 1 kHz in 4 dB steps
    Output level 10 V rms max.
    Output current 35 mA rms max.
    Output impedance 50 ohm
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 140 x 64 x 178 mm
    Versions of the front Acrylic mirror polished, black, champagne, or silvery matte brushed aluminium, chrome plated brass, as well as special designs on request

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