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    Product Information

    Restek MTUN+

    Looking for a world class FM, DAB, DAB+ Tuner ?

    This is the epitome of style and performance - the engineers at Restek have finely tuned the MTUN+ to offer exceptional performance on FM, DAB and DAB+ receptions.

    Readout/display can show signal strength, frequency and volume levels, all through one interface control knob.

    Easy to set-up and wonderful to listen to !

    The advantages of DAB and DAB + for stationary radio reception are obvious: the quality of reception of all channels is clear: either a transmitter is error-free to listen or not. Noise and atmospheric noise does not exist. The quality of the signal depends largely on the quality of the channel, so especially on the used bandwidth; and of course the quality of the radio unit.

    With the mtun + is the friends of radio today a receiver available, that leaves nothing to be desired. Through the use of advanced technologies, it is now possible for us, the playback quality of the DAB (+) - to increase standard such that it is comparable to CD and record players.

    Of today nearly 30 nationwide and numerous local to receiving stations increasingly use a bandwidth of at least 128 kbps to a private listening allow. Basically, the mtun + programs could receive up to a bandwidth of 384 kbps. Current station lists will be published on the website This site is a joint offer from ARD, Germany radio, digital radio DRD Germany GmbH and Media Broadcast.

    In addition to the two digital DAB and DAB The RESTEK mtun + digital + feature but also the classic FM reception, so that the radio friend can receive all of its known FM station in as high quality as the new DAB (+) - channels. More security for the future does not exist. And currently is the transmission quality of FM stations, as long as they are well receivable on site, certainly superior to that of DAB and DAB +.

    As with the two RESTEK digital radios for the satellite - and cable channels also allow the mtun + a high-quality sample rate converter and a high-quality 24-bit 192 kS multi-bit digital-to-analog converter to set a variety of bit resolutions and conversion rates through the users.

    By means of the switchable volume control, the signal may be attenuated to -99 dB in 1 dB steps, whereby the direct connection of the tuner to active speakers or a power amplifier is possible.

    The low output impedance of 50 ohms and the maximum current of up to 35 mA rms these driver stages allow a correct line matching and the use of lossless sometimes
    unavoidable long connecting cables.

    All parts of the electronics of the MUN + are DC coupled, so that the transmission of low-frequency tones in the highest quality possible. In the signal there are no capacitors or electrolytic capacitors, which could cause a distortion. Noise and crosstalk are only perceptible at the measurement boundary.

    Like all other RESTEK-hifi equipment of the M-Series can be DAB (+) - Tuner with a single multifunction rotary push-button control or optional use with a remote control.

    Features of the tuner mtun + FM / FM and DAB + from the M-series

    Infrared system remote controlled
    Dimmable multifunction display
    Menu-driven one-button operation
    Adjustable output level
    Digital TOSLINK output
    Digital RCA output
    Analog RCA output
    Arrival and off volume control
    German manufacturing
    Technical data of the digital tuner mtun +

    Frequenzbereich: 87,50 108,00 MHz, FM ; 174,928 239,200 MHz, Band III ; 1452,960 1490,624 MHz, Band L
    FM sensitivity to Ohm 50: 1 uV for 26 dB SNR
    DAB sensitivity to Ohm 50: 0 dBm ... -99 dBm in band III; 0 dBm ... -98 in Volume L
    Information RDS FM: Station, Type und Text
    Information DAB: Station, Type, Info, MPEG und Band
    THD at 1 kHz and 75 kHz deviation FM: <0.3%
    Output level: 2 V rms max.
    Output current: 70 mA rms max.
    Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
    Dimensions (W): 285 x 64 x 330 mm
    Gewicht: ca. 3.6 kg
    Display color: red, green or blue
    Versions of the front:
    polished acrylic glass, black aluminum, champagne or silver satin finish, chrome-plated brass and special versions on request

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